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guides your children on understanding
and managing their emotions

Five reasons you should invest in your children's emotional intelligence

1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness allows us to be aware not only of our strengths and weaknesses but also of the emotions that we are experiencing and the impact they have in our lives.


2. Increased empathy

Empathy is more than just recognising someone’s feelings, it is the ability to feel what they are feeling, to put yourself in their shoes.  Empathy allows us to build a sense of connection with others, this leads to more meaningful connections and relationships.


3. Reduced stress and resilience

Resilience is a learnable skill, although some may be born with a greater ability naturally, resilience can be developed and learned over time.   People who are highly emotionally intelligent tend to also be highly emotionally resilient.


4. Better team working

Daniel Goleman found that leaders get hired for their business expertise and intelligence and fired for lack of emotional intelligence, in particular, their social awareness. Imagine if kids can develop EQ since early ages? With Magical U, they can.

5. Resolve conflicts

As emotional intelligence leads to a greater understanding of other perspectives, more effective communication, and greater self-awareness it stands to reason that this will result in less conflict within your family, school and other places. 

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It is time to invest in the EQ of you children.
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  • Magical U - Online

    Video training with everything you need to play Magical U
    Valid for one year
    • Full online program
    • More than 2 hours of online teaching
    • PDF with Magical U illustrations
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HundrED.Org is a not-for-profit organization, which seeks and shares inspiring innovations in K12 education.

Magical U was selected as one of the most impactful holistic educational projects of Southeast Asia.

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Abletoshare.Org is a social enterprise that focus in the regeneration of the planet.

Magical U is part of the startups selected by Able as the ones that can empower the new generation to take of the planet and take care of one another.

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How does Magical U help your child?

  1. Helps them recognize negative emotions with opportunity to investigate through play

  2. Helps your child name, accept and understand their emotions

  3. Promotes communication and compassion between adult and child

  4. Replaces punishment or scolding with understanding and empowered choice

  5. Releases judgment and frustration and the need to express negative emotions through challenging behaviour

  6. Supports your child’s ability to problem-solve and adapt

  7. Increases your child’s self-confidence and their ability to focus, learn and grow as happy, well balanced individuals.

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