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“MAGICAL U, is a simple yet powerful way to help your child both understand and manage their emotions, 
and help them to live a happier, more fulfilling life”

Give children the most valuable gifts they can ever receive

Kids who understand and know how to manage their emotions are more likely to:

Show empathy and
be supportive of others

Perform better in school

Have stable and genuine relationships

Have good mental health

Feel more confident and believe in themselves

Have a positive sense of self

Develop resilience and coping skills

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"Emotions can be like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can teach children how to ride them"

Anna Kelley


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How does Magical U work?

Kids, adults, professionals, everyone can play Magical U.


Magical U is a fun and easy game that breaks down and releases trauma, tension, and barriers we have created to keep ourselves safe, or to fit in and be what we ‘think’ others want us to be. We suppress our emotions, our desires and even our creativity if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right. This in turn creates negative subconscious programming which, if left unresolved, forms limiting beliefs, such as "not good enough", "unlovable", "stupid", “I’m not what they want” and other negative behaviour responses.
By the time a child becomes an adult they may have developed a range of limiting beliefs and negative behaviour patterns which are deeply rooted and  difficult to change.

This leads to an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

Magical U says “Why not help kids deal with these feelings and emotions as they happen before they become problematic in later years?”


Parents, educators and counsellors are using this fantastic tool to help kids understand themselves, make empowered choices and develop their most important asset, their inner-self.

Magical U is visual and allows children to express their emotions even when they don’t have the vocabulary or understanding to explain.

The illustrations used in Magical U are really expressive. They overcome cultural and language barriers. They invite kids to choose relevant cards and talk about what it means to them.

 They help them make a choice of what to do with these feelings and, best of all, choose how they want to feel now!

Magical U is simple, easy, and fun and is only limited by the imagination.

Image by Caroline Hernandez

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