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helps your children to understand and
manage their emotions

Five reasons you should invest in your children's emotional intelligence

1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness allows us to be aware not only of our strengths and weaknesses but also of the emotions that we are experiencing and the impact they have in our lives.


2. Increased empathy

Empathy is more than just recognising someone’s feelings, it is the ability to feel what another is feeling, and to put yourself in their shoes.  Empathy allows us to build a sense of connection with others, which leads to more meaningful relationships with ourself and others.


3. Reduced stress and resilience

Resilience is a learnable skill and, although some may be born with a greater ability, resilience can be developed and learned over time.   People who are emotionally intelligent tend also to be emotionally resilient and are able to 'choose' how to respond rather than react without thinking.


4. Better team working

Daniel Goleman found that leaders get hired for their business expertise and intelligence and fired for their lack of emotional intelligence, in particular, their social awareness.

Imagine kids developing their EQ at an early ages and what a difference that would make in their lives and others who they interact with? With Magical U, they can.

5. Resolve conflicts

As emotional intelligence leads to a greater understanding of other perspectives, more effective communication, and greater self-awareness, it stands to reason that this will result in less conflict within the family,  school, relationships and group situations.

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It's time to invest in the EQ of your children
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