What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

This is a phrase mentioned by many people these days but what does it mean? What does it refer to?

All of us are familiar with IQ, intellectual quotient, which primarily measures ability to conceptualize, basically related to school and cultural concepts --- how smart we are in school related topics, understanding cognitive/intellectual concepts such as home, school, family, culture.

Most everyone who has gone to school has had some kind of IQ test, whether they know it or not, so that teachers can assess the level at which the student is likely to learn. And before the introduction of the concept of Emotional intelligence in 1995, most schools were guided solely by the score the child earned on their IQ test.

But EQ---what is this all about? This is the idea and concept that emotions and learning how to manage our emotions play an important part in a successful life. In being able to set goals and achieve them, whether we are 6 years old or 60. And in school as well as peer relationships and family life.

Many years ago, I worked with a school