Managing Corona Anxiety — your children’s and your own

We’re all living on the edge because of the coronavirus. Our daily lives have been disrupted, we aren’t sure what tomorrow may bring and, for many of us the news, and social media isn’t helping. One day we should do this and the next day something else. Today the kids go to school and tomorrow they don’t. It’s so disturbing and we all get anxious and for different reasons.

What can be helpful is to recognize that dealing with your own anxiety can be the most powerful way to make sure your kids feel safe and secure. If you or your children are feeling worried or anxious, learning how to deal with that can help your whole family become more resilient, supportive and balanced both now and when the pandemic is over.

Learn to tolerate uncertainty

“The treatment for anxiety isn’t to make the fear go away, it’s to manage the fear and tolerate uncertainty,” explains Jerry Bubrick, PhD, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute. Children can be more accepting when provided with good information and it’s up to parents to ensure that this is the information you are passing to your children. It’s your job to vaccinate them against uncertainty.