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Educators School Program

  • 4Weeks


This training program can be in person or online – individual or in a group and includes: Module 1 - 4 hours Learn the basics of Magical U and how to play the game as in Level 1 Module 2 - 3 hours -Discuss and review participants practice sessions. -Learn the difference between an emotional breakdown and a breakthrough and what to do in different circumstances -Q & A Module 3 - 3 hours -Going deeper into sub-conscious programming, and how it shapes in a child’s life. -Gain confidence explaining the importance of the far-reaching effects of negative subconscious programming to a parent and how Magical U can help both parent and child. -Participants will investigate their own subconscious programming and make the changes using Magical U. Module 4 - 3 hours -One on one practice sessions with the trainer or another participant to ensure all aspects are understood and the game flows. -Discover more meanings for the cards and the endless possibilities for Magical U and educators. Training includes: 1 standard set of cards, workbook, step by step video training, certificate of completion. ***Participants will also receive a full private session for themselves to fully experience the power of this game. 60-90 minutes online external to the group sessions. (Value US$125) Schools can get promotional discount for more than 1 sign-up. Contact us for more information! 2nd person gets 40% OFF

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